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While one building may look like another, no two roofs are exactly the same. Pro-Link knows every job is a custom job.

Case studies tell the full story on Pro-Link's...

  • Evaluation of assets
  • Lean Six Sigma quality process
  • Incorporation of facility functions
  • Roof life extension strategies
  • Re-roofing custom design

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Commercial Roofing Partners Differ From Commercial Roofing Contractors?

A commercial roofing contractor typically has a relationship with a roofing material manufacturer, who sells them materials for roofing projects. This is a cookie-cutter type of relationship, and the contractor doesn’t have much say so. They must hype up and sell the material being sent their way, whether it’s a proven, time-tested technology or a new product failure hot off the line. A commercial roofing partner is a company like Pro-Link that is not tied to one material or solution and can design a system that accounts for the internal and external factors to meet your facility’s needs. Pro-Link also cuts out the middleman by installing and warranting their roofing systems for the duration of the life of your building.

How Often Should I Have My Commercial Roof Inspected by a Contractor?

Preventative maintenance plays a major role in the longevity of any roofing system. This is why Pro-Link recommends doing bi-annual inspections. Something as small or seemingly simple as a cut, crack, or hole in a roof membrane, if gone unnoticed for years at a time can become a very costly oversight as water getting under the membrane surface can compromise the integrity of the roofing system.

How Do I Know if My Business Needs Commercial Roofing Services?

One way to tell is persistent roof leaks; even after someone has been out to fix your leaks, they never seem to go away. This could also indicate a more severe issue of the insulation and decking being super saturated underneath. This would be an all-hands-on-deck situation and requires immediate action.

What Are the Latest Trends in Commercial Roofing Services?

Trends serve a purpose, but often they come and go. If you’re in the market for a new roofing system, we recommend selecting a high-quality, proven system that stands the test of time.

What Qualifications Should I Look for in a Commercial Roofing Consultant?

To be fully transparent here, most companies aren’t looking to meet your needs. They’re looking to satisfy theirs by selling you a new roof whether you need one or not. At  Pro-Link we collect scientific rooftop data that is then analyzed by our technical services team. Their main goal in analyzing the data is to figure out what needs to be repaired or replaced currently and what can wait for the future.

How Can I Improve the Energy Efficiency of My Warehouse Roof?

The best way to improve energy efficiency is by having the right amount of R-value insulation. Generally, an R-15 or higher is all you’ll need to insulate your facility correctly. Most are under the impression that the color of their roof, being black or white, will make a huge difference. Color does play a role in the equation but not nearly as much as the insulation, and you must also keep in mind if you’re buying a white roof for reflectivity and efficiency if you don’t plan on cleaning the roof once or even twice per year after a few years the roofing is going to be a permanent grey or black color anyway.

What Are the Most Effective Commercial Roofing Solutions Available Today?

Just like anything else, there’s a wide range and variety of solutions. Pro-Link recommends going with a high-quality solution that’s proven and time-tested.

Can a Damaged Metal Roof Be Repaired, or Does It Require Replacement?

The reality is these days, with an abundance of technology at our fingertips, pretty much anything can be repaired. The question is how long you want to continue throwing good money after the bad, chasing down roof leaks, and continuing to band-aid a much larger issue. Repairs have their place but to be certain a full roof evaluation is the best course of action to determine what’s needed.

What Are the Most Common Issues in Commercial Building Roof Repairs?

Inexperience is the most common issue. If you were to watch a video on making a roof repair it might appear to be relatively simple. But you must understand the entire roofing system and how each component works with the other. Each repair comes with a specialized solution based on the type of system the repair is being made on.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting Commercial Roof Solutions?

At Pro-Link, we believe all factors should be considered, including but not limited to… What’s going on inside the facility, along with external factors outside and surrounding area. In our experience, we have countless stories of how not taking everything into account or leaving something out of the equation because the roofing provider didn’t think it was a big deal resulted in premature roof failure and, ultimately, premature replacement.

What Materials are Typically Used in Commercial Industrial Roofing?

A few different kinds of materials are used in the commercial roofing industry. TPO, EPDM, PVC, Metal, and BUR (Built-up Roofing System). Even things like silicone and acrylic coatings are used and can be fluid-applied or rolled on. Coatings are typically reserved for the middle to end of life to help get a few additional years out of the roofing system.

How to Determine the Best Repair Solution for Your Commercial Roof?

If you are making repairs on a newer roof in the range of 1-3yrs chances is there a simple solution? Any older and it may take some detective work from a highly trained roofing expert. Either way, each type of roofing system comes with a different type of repair method and guidelines that must be followed for the repair to last. I would not recommend trying to make a repair with a simple solution like roofing in a can as initially, it might seem like you’ve solved the problem, but sooner than later, it will make the problem even worse. I’d recommend contacting a highly trained roofing professional, even if the repairs seem simple to fix.

Are There Storm Emergency Roof Repair Services Available?

Yes, Pro-Link has a 24/7/365, emergency storm response team. Will even help you negotiate with your insurance provider to get acceptable like, kind, and quality that you previously had on your building. Our goal is to get you water tight as soon as possible and help you navigate the long, difficult road with your insurance carrier.