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When it comes to securing the longevity and durability of your commercial property, such as office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, etc, one major aspect you should persistently bear in mind is the precision of your roofing. The roof is your building’s first line of defense against the elements, and maintaining it in an exceptional state preserves your investment. Bringing on a commercial roofing company that views the relationship as being a true partner as opposed to a single-serving customer is much needed to meet your facility’s long-term needs and goals.

  1. Look for experience and expertise:

    The primary quality to weigh in a commercial roofing partner is their experience and expertise in the industry. Always look for a partner with a consistent record of working within the commercial roofing sector. There’s nothing wrong with employing a company that does residential and commercial roofing projects, but ensure they are highly vetted. If I was making the selection I would go with a company like Pro-Link that solely specializes in commercial roofing.

    Typically, working with an experienced company in their niche market guarantees you they have the experience and wherewithal to deal with unique challenges that arise during the commercial roofing process.

  2. Check out their license and insurance:

    One of the qualities you should look for in your commercial roofing partner is verifying licenses and insurance. This assures you that they operate within the legal boundaries and have met the industry standards. Moreover, insurance is an important aspect in saving yourself and the contracted company if any unexpected accidents or losses occur throughout the incidents. Do not forget to check the contractor’s authorization and insurance coverage before settling the agreements. Additionally, you also want to make sure your signed contract with your newly hired roofing partner is clear, concise, and not just done on a handshake.

  3. Search for a strong reputation:

    Word of mouth conveys a lot in the building sector. Research and responses from previous patrons help to measure the commercial roofing company’s reputation. Online reviews and testimonials are great, but references are an even better tool. Getting references and reaching out to those provided is key to telling the full story of a company’s standing in the community. It almost goes without saying but a contractor with a robust reputation will likely provide quality results and prioritize customer happiness over bottom-line profits.

  4. Clear and Open Communication:

    Effective communication stands as a vital component across all sectors of life and even more so in a business relationship. Always select a contractor who is transparent and open in communicating throughout the entire process. Even if you have little interest, ask to know the fine details from beginning installation to final product. The devil is in the details and you always mitigate your risk when you ask about them.

    The commercial roofing partner you select should be eager to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with daily or weekly progress updates. Clear communication reduces misunderstandings and assumptions and ensures that both partners align and contribute to a successful roofing project.

  5. Seek for quality materials and workmanship:

    The longevity and performance of your commercial roof highly depend on the material selection during the design process, and the installer’s level of workmanship. This is why Pro-Link believes so deeply in the design-build roofing process. Most roofing contractors have a relationship with a certain material manufacturer, who is pushing them to install whatever product is currently ringing the cash register. The problem with this type of relationship is, that it needs to take into account what your facility and rooftop actually require. It only addresses the needs and wants of the contractor-manufacturer relationship. It’s recommended to seek out a company like Pro-Link that designs the best possible solution for your rooftop by considering all the internal and external factors surrounding your facility.