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Commercial Roof Installation-A Trusted Professional Roofer To Handle Your Roofing Project

Dealing with poor conditions on your commercial roof can be stressful and frustrating. Leaks, cracks, and old materials can cause concern for any business owner. At Pro-Link Roofing Systems, we understand the difficulties of installing and maintaining a commercial roof. Having more than four decades of experience in the commercial roofing industry, our professional commercial roof installers are experts in handling your roofing project with expertise and integrity. 

We provide top-notch and proven roofing solutions. Where other roofing services offer limited options, Pro-Link Roofing Systems aims to provide customized roofing solutions to match the specific demands of the client’s projects. Our tailored approach ensures that you’re not bound to a one-size-fits-all-solution; instead, you get the chance to select the right materials for better performance of your roof and ensure longevity.  Pro-Link emphasizes quality control, and our engineers are trained in Lean Six Sigma methods to optimize our installation process. We understand the importance of attention to detail during installation to avoid potential costs later.

Roof Installation

Our Commercial Roof Installation Process: 

Initial Phase:

Site Inspection and Examination:Before performing practical installation, our design engineering team conducts a thorough site inspection. We start by examining various aspects of the building, including roof dimensions, slope, drainage system, and current performance of the existing roof. 

Design and Selecting Materials:
The next step is to design the roof system. A lot of technical data analysis goes into it, but the short answer is we come up with the best possible solution based upon what the data tells us about what your building needs. Most of our solutions encompass a magnitude of high quality and time-tested single-ply roofing membranes. Once the materials have been selected, we provide specifications with the project scope, and timeline.

Installation Phase:

Removal of old roof (If Necessary):

We start by carefully removing the old roof. Next, we inspect and repair or replace the existing framework to guarantee a robust foundation for installing the new roofing system.

Repair or Replacement of current roof:
The installation phase starts once the planning is complete and permits are secured. We begin this by carefully removing and disposing of existing roof materials if applicable.

Underlayment installation:
We add a layer of waterproofing directly to the roof, which provides extra protection against water penetration.Installing roof membrane:
When we installed the roofing material, we followed the system requirements exactly. We use a combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives to securely attach the selected materials, ensuring that the roof is adequately covered.

Completion and Inspection:

Final inspection:
Once commercial roof installation is completed, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the quality of our work, building code compliance, and waterproofing effectiveness.Clean-up and Project Handover to the client:
Once everything meets our standards, we clean the job site, and our team provides all final documentation, including warranties and guarantees.

Why Pro-Link Roofing Systems as your commercial roofing installation company?

  1. We offer customized solutions:
    Not every roof is created equal, and ProLink understands this. We take the time to design a roof that specifically addresses your building’s needs and exposures. 
  2. We provide the quality you can trust:
    Pro-Link doesn’t skimp on materials. We use the finest quality products built to last, giving you peace of mind knowing your roof will weather any storm.
  3. We do it all:
    From initial inspection and planning to professional installation and even maintenance, Pro-Link offers a comprehensive service. You won’t have to juggle multiple contractors – we’ve got you covered.
  4. For us, your business is our priority:
    Pro-Link understands that a new roof can be a significant investment. Our professionals will work with you to create a budget-friendly plan and keep you informed. 
  5.  Expert in providing local roofing services:
    Being a local commercial roof installation service provider, Pro-Link’s team knows the regional weather expectations your roof needs to endure and building codes. We ensure your roof meets all necessary regulations, which can save you time and hassle.