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As a seasoned commercial roofing partner, and systems manufacturer led by a team with over 4 decades of experience in the industry, Pro-Link Roofing Systems has encountered it’s fair share of misconceptions and myths surrounding commercial roofing warranties. These misunderstandings can lead to a building owner selecting the wrong contractor and roofing system for their facility. Over time this poor decision can lead to unnecessary expenses, and a lot of finger pointing between the roofing contractor and system manufacturer leaving you stuck in the middle with little to no options. Don’t get stuck in the middle, reach out to Pro-Link today to discuss and understand all of your options as a building owner.

Standard Roofing Warranties

Roof warranties come in many different shapes and sizes. A workmanship warranty and a material warranty are two very different things. A workmanship warranty is designed to ensure that the contractor installing the roofing system has a certain level of experience and is willing to back their installation process. Just because a roofing contractor is proficient in installing a certain type of roofing system (lets say its TPO) doesn’t always mean they have the same level of expertise installing other types of roofing systems, like EPDM, PVC, or Metal. A typical standard workmanship warranty covers the installation processes by that contractor for up to 1 year.

A material warranty is typically issued by the manufacturer of the material which was installed by the roofing contractor. Warranties are great in most cases, because it gives the consumer a certain level of protection, and puts the mind of the buyer at ease should an issue arise, but what happens when the installer and the material manufacturer aren’t housed under the same roof warranty?

The Pro-Link Difference

With Pro-Link having over 4 decades of leadership experience in the commercial roofing industry, we know exactly how to protect you and your roofing system. The first big difference in choosing a roofing provider like Pro-Link, is they eliminate finger pointing between the installer and manufacturer as they are both the installer and manufacturer of their roofing systems. In fact, no other system manufacturer will enter into a contract directly with the building owner. Their focus isn’t on getting their hands dirty on a particular project, their man objective is to produce and sell as much roofing material as they possibly can. Most commercial roofing system manufacturers have designed obsolescence built into each of their roofing systems, to be able to sell you a new roof after the current one eventually fails. At Pro-Link we have the ability to design a perpetual life of the building roofing system, which allows us to offer above industry standard warranties.

Most roofing contractors decide what material and overall solution is best for your facility based upon the profitability, and what the manufacturer is incentivizing. Pro-Link utilizes a custom design build approach, using scientific data analysis, and many years of R&D to determine the best possible roofing solution for your facility. Since no one roof is the same, we believe that no one solution should be the same either.

Reach out to Pro-Link today to discuss your upcoming roofing project with a highly decorated industry veteran.